Zonah’s Designer Shoes Eid Collection 2012

Zonah’s Designer shoes is a brand that was launched in 2003.Since then it has been making a rapid progress in the fashion industry of Pakistan .Zonah’s is a brand that is  worn by various celebrities mainly for its unique designs and comfort. Zonah’s Designer Shoes is among those very few brand that were the first ones in Pakistan to introduce the trend of Branded footwear in Pakistan. Before that only non branded low quality shoes used to be running in the market. Zonah’s brought the culture of having valued customers and treating them with great priority.

Zonah’s Eid Collection is full of colors and style .These shoes include high heels,flat sandals,pumps and court shoes.It has something for everyone. Hence Zonah’s is a one stop shop for branded footwear of the entire family. Currently it is also dealing in sneakers for girls and boys. The sneakers have introduced a great new trend for women in Pakistan as there was no concept of comfortable and casual shoes for women even if they were working women.

Zonah’s Designer Shoes Eid Collection 2012 is available throughout Pakistan at their retail showrooms present at almost all the major location is their respective cities.But one of the lacking behind of Zonah’s Designer footwear is that they do not have an online shopping website at the moment which is a great need of present times.Yet their catalogues of complete collections are present for choosing between your favourite products. Zonah’s  Designer Footwear Eid Collection 2012 is a hot buy this Eid season for its enchanting designs and affordable rates unlike other designer brands that become very expensive.

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