Why writing is good for your health?


bigbossEssay writing is not only good for your academic progress

Writing skill is a really great skill to have. It broadens your horizons, helps you to express your thoughts and share your ideas with others, leave alone the fact it makes a significant positive impact on your academic performance. But in fact, there is one more great advantage you might have not considered before. Writing is actually good for your health. Do you still doubt you can use your writing to heal yourself? Well, maybe you’ll change your mind after reading this.

It needs to be said that when we talk about writing, we don’t just mean literary effort; it also includes academic writing and so called expressive writing. The simplest and common example of expressive writing is keeping a diary or blogging.

Advantages of expressive writing

  1. Recent research shows that expressing your thoughts and feelings in written form gives you a feeling of fulfillment, boosts your mood and general state of health and lowers stress levels significantly. To cut the long story short, by writing in your diary or your blog on a regular basis you do yourself a big favor. Being your own therapist is not as hard as it would seem, right?
  2. Writing helps unloading your brain. Do you ever get this feeling like there is just too much going on in your mind? Lots of thoughts, lots of issues you’ve got to solve… It’s like a browser with too many tabs open: you can’t get focused on anything. Writing helps to organize information you keep in your mind, it’s like sorting a mess out and putting all things on their respective shelves in perfect order. There’s no need to worry about forgetting something important if you write it down — this is a great exercise for your memory.
  3. Writing keeps you in mental shape. Try to imagine writing as a treadmill for your brain — because, in fact, it really does provide some great exercise for your mind and keeps you in shape, at any age. Writing for mental health is a reality — you only have to try it yourself to make sure of it.
  4. Writing helps coping during hard times. It’s a scientifically proved fact that by writing about some traumatizing experience, hardships or just things that upset you, you get rid of depressive feelings and help yourself to accept them and manage these things better.

Conclusion: So, as you can see, writing is not only good for your marks but for your mental development and psychoemotional state — if you make it your habit to write something on a regular basis. Essay Writing Service may be a good way out when you need that job done and you just don’t think you have what it takes to finish your work. But consider what huge favor you will do yourself if you put some personal effort into it — and academic progress is only a small part of it.


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