What Benefits an Open Relationship May Have


ed71db3062602c3baa6f8f65a66838ccOpen relationships are usually perceived as something bad but can they actually make people happier? Let’s take a look at the main reasons it is worth trying. https://romancecompass.com don’t really appreciate this kind of relationships but every story is unique, so don’t hesitate to try it out.

7 pluses of being in an open relationship

You do not have to suffer from jealousy. Indeed, when everyone is free to receive pleasure outside a relationship, there is probably no resentment. Strictly speaking, jealousy is among the most common couple breakers, especially when it is mutual. This is what ruins your trust that is actually the core component that holds any romance together.

More experience and skills are gained. An open relationship gives you an endless variety of opportunities for self-development. You learn how to communicate with different people in different situations; besides, you become a better lover so any partner will love your performance in bed. When you stay in a committed relationship for years, it is merely impossible to know various facets of life.

Your sex life gets way diverse. Yes, this is practically the same I mentioned above – you cannot learn all the tricks of splendid lovemaking without being with multiple partners. Any of those can teach you a couple of valuable things you can use in your further dating life.

Your feelings are always fresh. This is one of the biggest issues all modern couples face. Since we have a plenty of dating materials around, we sometimes get tired of investing in one solid connection. When both of you agree on an open relationship, you constantly have what to discuss and what to share. Well, there is the dark side too – there might be so many interesting people you meet outside a relationship so the risk of the breakup will increase automatically.

Couple sitting on sofa watching television

Couple sitting on sofa watching television

Possibility to adjust yourself to commitment. Open relationships are surely beneficial for daters who suffer from the fear of dedication. Imagine you’ve met your special one but feel tense about building a long-lasting bond with this person. There may be a hundred of reasons yet they all can fade away: establishing a no-strings-attached relationship from the beginning, you can gradually get ready for a steady relationship.

None of you feels guilty. Since you are entitled to have sex with other people, there is nothing to blame yourself or your significant other of. By all means, you can get jealous or feel guilty but you always have an excuse. Just work your inner discomfort out!

No “missed” opportunities. How often do we regret something? When your lover expects absolute fidelity, you have to skip numerous attractive chances. Staying in an open relationship, you can take any adventure you want!


A few things to consider if you are about to try an open relationship

There is a range of problems a romance of this kind might cause. First, it doesn’t guarantee you protection from jealousy and guilt. We are humans after all so anybody may experience these states of mind.

napaAnother great disadvantage of being in an open relationship is that you might catch an STD. I’d say this is the most dangerous thing that can happen to you so always remember to use condoms! There is the big risk of unwanted pregnancies as well so cautiousness should be your secret powers.

Last but not least, there is the probability that one (or both) of you will fall out of love with time and switch to non-committed relationships. Keep this in mind and have a plan for dealing with all potential issues in advance.

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