Top 5 massage techniques, a mini guide


Massage is an art performed to give a human body relief from different types of stress and pain. Massage helps a person to get the physical fitness he needs and gives him a necessary relief from his busy routine and the daily life problems he is facing. Massage is a perfect technique to help a person get the complete blood circulation he needs and give his muscles enough room to mobilize entirely. Massage plays a very significant role for a person who performs a daily exercise, as exercise can lead to the gathering of acid in a body which is removed through massage. There are various techniques of performing a fruitful massage, but the main five are listed below.


  1. Deep Tissue Massage

This method of massage is not a very comfortable one as it involves deep pressing and digging into your body tissues and cells. The major purpose for this type of massage is to give your organs enough room to mobilize. Though this technique is not very comfortable and doesn’t give the relaxation expected, it helps our bones and our joints to get enough space. Through deep compressing of your fingers and palm, this technique is applicable. It would be very efficient to have the best massage chair to perform this massage as it gives enough length to the therapist to carry out a good massage.


  1. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a great technique to perform a complete message. Swedish massage is very beneficial to give a person relief who is very stressful as it involves light pressing of fingers upon a body it is performed in various parts of a body. Swedish massage is done for relatively longer time than other massages as it is done very smoothly. This massage technique helps us to decrease cholesterol level and improve the immune system and the hormones of a body.


  1. Massage for athletes

This type of massage involves the relief from stress and pain of an athlete, as an athlete performs daily exercise and needs lots of fitness for his sport it requires much hard work. This technique is done according to the sport of the athlete, for example, if he is a footballer he would need treatment and massage for his legs. This message is much like the other massages and involves pressing and rubbing a body.


  1. Rolfing

It is a message to improve the blood circulation in a body. This technique is much like deep tissue massage as it involves deep massage in a person body. This technique is done to improve your circulation through deeply pressing of your bones.


  1. Shiatsu

In this type of massage, the healing in your body is involved. Only pressing of fingers throughout a body makes it work. This technique helps us get lots of relief from pain and improves the healing power in our body.


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