Top 3 Tips for Glowing Skin


It is often said that White complexion is a symbol of beauty.People take dark pigmentation as a curse and crave for fair complexion.There are many reasons for dark pigmentation such as heridity,sunburns,skin diseases.Trying these Top 3 tips for glowing skin may help you.

But then there is another group of people that strongly believe that Beauty lies skin deep which is a wiser saying.Whatever your real skin tone is,your skin texture should be smooth and healthy and you can easily build up your confidence with your glowing skin.Here we are sharing top 3 tips for glowing skin that are easy to use and even not expensive.

1.A mixture of ground almonds and oats with honey and yogurt should be applies on the face for ten minutes and then washed with lukewarm water to get a smooth skin.

2.Honey is all-natural.Apply honey on face and neck for aroung 20 minutes and wash it with cold water.

3.For oily skin,a mixture of grapes,lemon and egg white should be applied on the face for around 15 minutes.This may cause a tingling sensation due to active ingredients.Wash with warm water.

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