Sana Sarfaraz Biography And Pictures


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Sana Sarfaraz Biography And Pictures

As we all know that Sana Sarfaraz is a very famous upcoming fashion model in Pakistan. She is a new addition in Pakistani fashion industry. She is a talented, enthusiastic and a groomed model. She is with age of 20 and has a strong academic background. She has done her graduation in media sciences with majors in advertising. She hazel colored eyes and her height is 5’7”. She was born in Karachi and spent her childhood in United Arab Emirates. She got her modeling training from Cats Modeling Agency. 

Sana Sarfaraz first acted in a serial which was directed by Faheem Burney, she played the role of Ayesha Omer’s daughter. She also acted in Beyzuban by Javed Fazil for PTV. She has taken part in music videos such as Call, Jal and Roxen, she has endorsed most demanded fashion brands, including Mausummery, Gul Ahmed and Body Focus Museum. She has been enlightened on the covers magazines like SHE, Women’s Own, Sunday Plus, Sunday Times, Brands and Xpozé  Monthly. She has been awarded as the “Best Fashion Model because of her appearance at Fashion Pakistan Week, 2012. She has done commercials like Nokia, Zong (twice), Brite Total and Bake Parlour. She has worked with photographers including Munna Mushtaq, Mirza Khursheed Baig; Khawar Riaz; Shamyl Khuhro; Fayyaz Ahmed ; Ayaz Anis; Taimur Laghari, ; Rizwan-ul-Haq and Shahbaz. She has done modeling for Keyseria, Sapphire Lawn, Warda Law, Sabiha’s Lawn; Monsoon Lawn and Bonanza Lawn. Her favorite model is Cybil and favorite Pakistani Idol is Rizwan-ul-Haq. 

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