Natural Alternatives to Advocare



Advocare-ShakeThis meal replacement product is designed to help losing weight. The content of Advocare shake ingredients is enormous and counts more than 50 components. The protein, which is the main component of any MR shake, is represented by several sources. In addition to qualitative whey protein concentrate, such protein sources as milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine, L-Leucine and L-Glutamine can be observed in the product. Such mixture of various sources cause the reduction of protein quality.

The amount of protein in one dose is 24g. The same amount of sugar you will consume in two servings of Advocare. Besides, the sweetener is represented by sucralose, which is known for side effects.

The energy value of this product is 220 calories, which is almost two times more than in a regular qualitative MR shake. Due to such caloric content, the weight loss efficiency is quite arguable.


The largest share of customers’ complaints refers to the bad taste of the shake. The other related problem is the price of Advocare, which amounts to $89.99. Unfortunately, the quality-price ratio of this shake is negative.

If you need a shake, which will provide efficiency and safety, you should consider the following natural alternatives to Advocare.


18 Shake
This MR shake is the best product to substitute your meal and to manage weight. You will not find any sucralose or other artificial sweeteners in 18 Shake, because it contains only natural ingredients. Unlike Advocare, this protein shake provides only 90 calories and 1g of sugar. Such figures are prefect for daily meal substitute, as well as to achieve great weight loss results.

18 Shake can boast of qualitative protein, which comes from two sources – Isolate and Concentrate of Whey Protein. Besides, the essential amino acids are contained in the product.

Such product of high quality is available for $59.99. Its high efficiency and positive health benefits are evidenced by numerous feedbacks of customers.

Isalean Shake
This shake with high protein amount is made to supply a required amount of nutrients to your body when replacing a full meal. In addition to 24g of protein, the consumers receive numerous vitamins and minerals – 23 in total. Unlike 18 Shake, this product has the protein of lower quality, because it comes from several sources.

Isalean Shake provides a huge amount of calories and much sugar. A serving of this MR shake supplies 240 calories and 11g of sugar content to your body.

A standard package for 14 servings is available for $51.95. You should consider that a month supply would cost twofold.

YES Shake by Yoli
This MR product is also made of natural ingredients. Its components include two patented blends, one of which relates to protein source, the other – to nutrients of fruits and vegetables. One serving of YES Shake provides 12g of good quality protein. The energy value is sufficient to replace one full meal a day. The customers are mostly dissatisfied with the taste and overestimated price ($80) of Yoli product.

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