Monsoon Beauty Secrets of B-Town Divas

Monsoon Beauty Secrets of B-Town Divas

This year Mumbai saw one of the hottest monsoons. With mercury touching 37.4 degrees on September 30th, it is expected that this heat wave will continue. Melting mascaras and kajal, disappearing blush-ons and flat hair are all things which we girls have to face every day. Then we come across those images of some of the coolest B-town divas looking absolutely gorgeous even on a casual stroll, or when caught at the airport. Do they don’t get pimples? Is their hair never flat? How do their skins look so flawless when ours can look like oil pits? I know, I know we all ask ourselves these questions.

Read on to get the answers to all these questions, we have compiled some of the monsoon beauty secrets of these beauties.

Kareena Kapoor Khan


Yes, the lady has good genes, no doubt about that! But she sure knows how to take care of herself. From the bubbly Poo to her size zero figure the lady has managed to set tongues wagging after her. She is one of the most photographed actresses around. She sure knows how to carry the celebrities without makeup look or even with minimal makeup Kareena simply awes us.

Her secret: Everyone knows about her commitment to her yoga regimen. Yoga is one of the best ways to detox and tone down, and that’s her secret to her flawless complexion along with eating light. When not shooting Kareena keeps it simple! She prefers to wear no makeup during the day and lets her skin breath. For a night out she would go for a smokey eye with brown eye pencil, mascara and a pale pink lipstick and occasional pink blusher. That’s it, and you get the perfect minimalist look.




Katrina Kaif


The Barbie doll of Bollywood and this British born actress is a fan of Indian summers. She is another one who flaunts the no make-up look when not on shoots. With her clear complexion, long legs and angelic smile she really doesn’t need anything else.

Her secret: Kat believes in inside out beauty treatments. She swears by eating non-greasy light food. She loves fruits and increases her water intake to detoxify. Recently Kat has upped he detox game by having more green tea and also going on a raw food diet, which she claims did wonders o her skin. Apart from that she uses mineral mud masks and mineral based products for her skin. She also enjoys getting all over spa treatments for rejuvenation of her body and skin.




Aishwarya Rai Bachan


Ash has been wooing not just India but people from across the globe eversince she was crowned Miss World. The Bachan bahu also holds the title of “most beautiful woman in the world”  So, yes Mrs Bachan has a lot of weight on her shoulders, but she sure knows how to carry it flawlessly.

Her secret: Aishwarya always uses natural products. She is a believer in all DIY products, Ash cleanses her skin using gram flour, with milk and yogurt, with rose petals infused in it. For her body she uses a lotion made with honey, rose water and lemon. As a moisturizer yogurt with freshly crushed cucumber is her favorite kind. She also drinks lemon and honey water in the morning, which she says keeps her energized and flushes out the toxins nicely.

Anushka Sharma

04Anushka fits the description of modern Bollywood goddess perfectly. She has a stunning body, long lustrous locks, a bubbly smile with bright eyes and apink complexion. The girl has impressed us with more than just her acting skills.

Her secret: Anushka is a big fan of hot oil treatments for her hair. When not working either her hair is tied in a top knot or she wears it in a pony. No matter how tired she is, she never hits the bed without stripping her face completely off makeup. She washes her face using rose water is believes in the power of neem face packs with milk and rose water added to keep her skin oil-free during the summer heat.

Nargis Fakhri

05This beauty with her perfect milky complexion etched features is another one who sticks to all natural products whenever possible for preserving her youthful complexion. She has a stamped regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing which she follows religiously.

Her secret: As her routine requires wearing heavy makeup all the time, Nargis uses a geothermic mud mask from New Zealand at least once a week. She claims it removes all the toxins and impurities from her skin. Her second secret is continuously sipping on coconut water which flushes the toxins out of our bodies naturally for an all over detox.

 Karishma Kapoor

06Obviously the elder Kapoor sister is blessed with the trademark peaches and cream complexion of the Kapoor family, but this slender beauty has preserved her perfect figure and youth flawlessly. Though she is in her late thirties now, but she looks absolutely flawless in a pontail and bare face.

Her secret: Karishma sticks to a strict high protein and rich in fiber diet. She works out and sticks to her at home cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. On hot summer days she only wears moisturizer with strong SPF, kohl pencil, and neutral blush and lipstick in shades of pink.

Did you notice that most of these actresses keep their beauty regimes quite simple? They are all big on the concept of beautifying from within for that flawless complexion. They don’t do anything extra ordinary, but chose a regimen and stick to it with discipline. They eat clean and wear minimal makeup, concentrating solely on healthy complexion which is your biggest beauty asset.


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