Mineral Make Up

Women from the ancient times using make up to add their beauty. Not only the women but the man also wants to have the appealing looks. Makeup enhances the beauty in each period of the time. In each civilization the make up conceal the flaws of the features as well as make them pleasant looking. The mineral makeup especially in the use of foundation, powder and concealers are available all in one in the form of mineral foundation. It is the new trend in cosmetics.



  • It is light in weight especially in the use of foundation and concealers.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is non comedogenic properties.
  • It saves your time and money because all in one property of {concealer, powder, sun screen and base}.
  • It does not irritate any skin problem as acne pimples or any severe infection.
  • A pure mineral make up is free from harsh chemicals as preservatives coloring items and fragrance of any kind.
  • The shade is achieved by mixing inorganic contents in the mineral make up, so these are more protective in use for skin.
  • It is more luminous and its coating on the skin is effective for most kinds of skin.



While choosing the mineral make up stick to the point that it will contain the least of the chemical products in it.

Make the skin test before to use, by applying at the inner side of the wrist or behind the ear and for 24 hours to check any allergic reaction of it.

Most of the mineral make up contain the zinc oxide and titanium oxide as sun screen elements so these have the ability of clogging the pores, so select these carefully in case of acne skin.

The bismuth ox chloride is also the component of these makeups, it is used to give the glowing effect to the skin but with this has the damaging effect to the skin.

So it is advised to check the different brands before the proper use of the mineral make up and take in to consideration the ingredients in it are how much natural.

check out the great looks by the use of right selection of makeup.







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