Metro Shoes Eid Collection 2012

Metro shoes  is the oldest and most successful shoes brand in Pakistan.This brand originated from Faisalabad and with in a few years it became the most famous shoe brand in Pakistan.Metro Shoes makes the most stylish and trendy shoes with most classic fit and modern shape.They started with women shoes and added up later the men’s shoes collection,Kids shoes collection and handbags.

Metro shoes has started the Eid extravaganza at their outlets throughout Pakistan.The entire collection of shoes for eid 2012 at metro contains high heels,casual flats,formal flats,sandals and much more.Metro has the credit to introduced the most latest designs into the Pakistan’s footwear industry.Metro Shoes Eid Collection 2012 is trendy ,chic and modern,For a long time,Pakistani celebrities have worn Metro shoes as a status symbol.It delivers the designs that are very modern and can compete any designer brand.The best feature of Metro shoes is that it is available in affordable prices unlike other shoes brands that are very expensive nowadays.Another good feature of Metro shoes is that they are very durable and do not loose shape for a long time.They have a very nice fit and are very comfortable that you will not feel tired wearing it for long hours.

Metro Shoes is one brand that serves it customers even after sale.That means it gives after sales service for broken straps or lost stones from the shoes.Such services are offered by very few footwear retailers in Pakistan.The new Eid collection is present in all of their retail outlets throughout Pakistan.Being a very famous brand,the stock finished very quickly so hurry and get your desired shoes from Metro Shoes.


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