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A girl starts dreaming about her wedding day since she turns into a teenager. Wedding day becomes her life’s most important day. Therefore, she starts to plan what she is going to wear and what hair style and makeup she wants. Looking beautiful and classy is her main focus not just on wedding day but also pre and post the event. In this fuzz she shops a lot of expensive things and few of them turn to be a waste once she starts deciding how to put it on. Therefore, we have come up with few makeup products that she should buy before her wedding to attain flawless look on her wedding and other events.

Before starting I think I must mention that no matter what makeup you are wearing keep your skin care regime at the priority because a good skin leads to good makeup application.


Primer is much neglected makeup product however it is one of the most important makeup items you must keep yourself handy while the wedding season. You may be using durable makeup that claims to stay for hours and hours but busy days bring exposure to sun and pollution it also causes sweating that makes it melt and fade away. In addition to this, retouching your makeup again and again is not possible while your wedding events therefore applying makeup in a way that it stays longer is important. For this reason a good primer is required to make your makeup stay longer as it provides a base to your foundation, minimizes pores which results in decreased secretion of sebum that helps your make stay in place.


Wedding brings in days and nights of self-grooming and makeup. The bride sometimes become tired of wearing makeup and wants to wear less makeup but still wants to look beautiful. For such days mascara goes well. Fuller, thicker, long lashes who does not like it? Probably the answer is everyone. If you are wearing mascara with the right technique it will define the shape of your eyes with using any other makeup products. I believe that tubing mascara works well for brides because it gives your lashes full coverage.

Eyebrow Groomers:

Your eye makeup gets into the flow with well-groomed eyebrows. Well there are various forms of eyebrow groomers are available in the market powder, pencil, gel and stamps. All these products help in filling the brows. However to keep your eyebrows at place you can use a clear mascara which works exactly as hair setting spray.

White Eyeliner:

Again there are days when bride wants to go as natural as she can. Although tiring, hectic days and sleepless nights makes her waterline red, eyes dull and sleepy. Using white eyeliner on your water line can help her to achieve beautiful and bigger eyes. White eyeliner covers the redness and fills in the gap between your eyeball and lash line creating illusion of wide opened bigger eyes. Other than this white eyeliner can be use as eyelid primer to make your eye shadow color pop-out. You can use it over your cupid bones to make your lips look fuller.

Makeup Remover:

Another makeup product that is neglected is makeup remover. Cleansing your face is basic thing but using makeup removing wipes before that helps you take off your waterproof makeup easily. I addition to this using makeup remover helps to remove the makeup completely that saves from your skin from breakouts. Other than this while your wedding days you need to switch of your makeup (lip color) frequently therefore you must keep makes wipes to remove and replace it again.

These are the makeup products other than basic items to keep in your vanity box when you are getting married.

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