Is a Black Diamond the Perfect Choice for Your Loved One?


Picking out an engagement ring can be one of the most exciting shopping trips of your life! It can also be one of the most daunting. What kind of cut should the diamond be? How many carats is best? How about the color? If you are looking to try something new or different when you propose to your love, you may want to consider looking at a black diamond ring. Here are five things you should know about black diamonds before selecting one of these unique rings for your sweetheart.

Out of This World

“Black diamond” is the common name for carbonado, a naturally-occuring diamond with a striking dark color. When polished and set into a ring, the stone can give off a sense of enchanting magic or have a very regal appearance, especially when paired with clear diamonds. These stones can also reflect a sense of being in outer space, of seeing galaxies, or of the expanse of the universe. In fact, there is a theory that this type of diamond actually arrived on Earth via an asteroid that hit millions of years ago. So if your future fiancée is into alluring, fantastical genres or works in an aerospace or astrological field, a black diamond may be the perfect stone for them! There is definitely something special about these deep, dark diamonds.

A One-of-a-Kind Option

The most enticing thing about black diamond engagement rings may be that they are far less common than standard crystal-tone diamonds. Since engagement rings began to grow in popularity throughout the early twentieth century, countless clear diamonds have been mined, polished, carved, and set into engagement rings. However, very few black diamonds have been curated, and, until recently, they were not an easy-to-find option. Black diamonds are still a very unique choice–not only because of their dark color, but because they remain rare. In fact, they are usually only found in parts of Brazil and Central Africa! So if you want to show your loved one that you see them as one-of-a-kind or simply as someone who strives to live beyond the status quo, a black diamond may be the perfect stone to use. Just be aware that some black diamonds may have been artificially treated to appear darker.

A Strong Statement

Composed of some of the earth’s strongest elements, black diamonds are one of the tougher substances out there. This makes them a great choice for any partner who exhibits strength of character or who lives their life with courage and boldness. Though they also require a lot of care when they are being set. Delicate and strong all at once, a black engagement diamond can state that the wearer is not afraid to be different, to stand out, and to go down a different path. For a loved one who is steadfast and dependable, a black diamond could be the perfect fit.

Commitment and Loyalty

Black diamond rings can take longer to cut and shape than the typical diamond. Due to its particular combination of carbon, diamond, pyrite, and graphite, among other properties, these stones can sometimes take longer to be smoothed into a beautiful engagement ring. They are also often found in small quantities, so combining enough of the rock to create a sizable diamond for a ring can take time as well. However, this can make each black diamond all the more appropriate for someone who is loyal and committed. If you and your loved one have been through a lot of ups and downs and have stuck it out for the long haul, a black diamond may be the perfect stone to express your appreciation.

A black diamond engagement ring can be a great choice for a couple whose relationship is marked by strength, commitment, and a flair for the dramatic. Before you decide on the perfect engagement ring for your love, consider whether the black diamond would be the right choice. Its uniqueness and its striking color may be just the alternative choice you have been looking for.

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