I’m open to Bollywood movies: Camilla Belle

She is a well known face in Hollywood with films like The Lost World: Jurassic Park and 10,000 BC in her kitty and now actress Camilla Belle is eyeing Bollywood. The 24-year-old stars in Akshay Kumar’s recently released Indo-Canadian production Speedy Singhs, and says she loves watching Hindi films and is open to work in one. “I am open to work in Bollywood films if a right opportunity comes along with a right project. I have watched a few Bollywood films. I watched Dhoom 2 and I was glued to the movie throughout out and it became my obsession for long. I like all the singing and dancing too,” Camilla told PTI.The actress who has come to India for the first time says she always wanted to visit the country and enjoyed her trip. “It’s been a great experience coming to India. There are so many places to see and go I am just having a great time. I always wanted to come to India, I think it is a photographers dream. It’s a beautiful country,” she added.
Camilla says the thing which hooked her to the script of Speedy Singhs, was the cultural family element. “What made me say yes to the script was the cultural element. Their is a father-son relationship in the film which is very touching. I come from a multi-cultural background, my mom is Brazilian, and I have been raised in west and I have always struggled to find who am I? This film is about love and bond in a family which has been missing in the west,” she added.Camilla says working with Indian actors was an enriching experience and she got to learn a lot about the Indian culture.
“I was very excited to work with Indian actors. I got to learn about the Indian culture. Their was always a family environment on the sets and Vinay’s mother would come and treat us with Indian food. It was so good to see all of that which rarely happens on the sets of a Hollywood film,” she said.Ask her about working with Anupam Kher she said, “I like Anupam as an actor, he is so professional and dedicated as an actor. I really learnt a lot from him and was amazed by his knowledge and zest.”

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