How to write an essay, a plan? Some writing tips


How to write a good essay? Can I buy a good essay? Often this question is asked not only by students who are not given this task, but also by their parents, helpless to help their children, and teachers who are looking for new ways and methods to teach guys writing works. For many students – this is a real torment and they are surprised to look at classmates, which light up their eyes when writing an essay. Why so? We are all very different. Someone likes to argue, argue, speak, fantasize. Such people like to write works, they often even neglect the advice of teachers and write for inspiration. But others are completely lost to a clean sheet and a given topic. Options for solving the problem in them – the Internet, the critical literature and friendship with the lovers of works. How to solve the problem most optimally and competently?

In school, we are introduced to different types of works: the descriptive essay, the miniature on literary works and so on. Each of the types has its own structure and its writing requirements, this cannot be forgotten. The writing essays bring the author to literary work while working on it should especially pay attention not only on content but also on the ease and beauty of imagery presentation. Such school training later helps students to write the college admission essay and enter the Institute.

Requirements for writing your own words

In order to get a high score for your own words, you must:

Complete and exhaustive affirmation or refutation in his work – reflect on the idea formulated in the terms of the task;

– to adhere to the structure of the text-reflection (thesis, arguments, conclusion); To clearly state the thesis to be proved;

Give convincing evidence that will best justify your reasoning (evidence must be convincing, and they must be at least two in their work), it is necessary to illustrate their thoughts with references to examples of fiction (it is necessary to indicate the name of the work, the problem, violated A writer, to name artistic images through which the author reveals the problem, if possible, to quote a text), historical facts or cases of life. You should not translate the content of the work and comprehensively characterize the image;

– formulate the conclusion that follows from the arguments;

To write specifically, to avoid a thorough statement of reasoning not supported by the actual material;

To use the correct grammatical constructions, the corresponding vocabulary. To strive for literacy using only the sentences in the correctness of which they are sure to write clearly which is formulated in the task (for the statement, written on another, albeit close, subject, you will receive zero points.

When we have formulated the thesis, we must argue it with reference to examples of fiction (and should indicate the problem, broken by the writer, name the product and artistic image, through which the problem is disclosed, quote if possible), historical facts or cases of life.

The student must indicate at least two relevant evidence, the reasons for the justification, the confirmation of the statement, which relates her 3 example.

Arguments are preceded by examples. A student can use language constructs such as “because”, “it proves”, “there is a confirmation”, “this testifies”, “there is evidence of this”. “This can be a proof” and so on. If it’s hard to do that he can buy cheap essay online. A student must learn to structure the work by paragraphs. The conclusion should correspond to the thesis expressed by the student and to proceed organically from the arguments and examples.


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