How music impacts casino gambling


If you visit brick-and-mortar casinos often or indulge in online slots whenever you get time, you might have sometimes wondered why is gambling so enjoyable?!

Agreed that you can win potential jackpots and there’s plenty of thrill in gambling, do you know that studies suggest that music is an important factor too?! On the other hand, many renowned musicians have written popular songs about gambling as well, which went on to become chart-busters. Some of those songs are Poker Face (Lady Gaga), Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley), Ace of Spades (Motorhead), The Gambler (Kenny Rogers) and Luck be a Lady (Frank Sinatra).


Let’s now understand how music impacts casino gambling overall.

The idea is to make you comfortable

Both off-line and online casinos are designed in a manner that they deliver a fun and relaxing environment for the gamblers. Agreed that you won’t see any clocks in these places, there would be psychedelic carpets and maze-like layouts, but casino designs are made with the primary purpose to keep you happy and involved in gambling.The lighting is usually low and temperature comfortable, to make sure that there are no interruptions. Even the smells and sights are strategically designed to keep you comfortable.

Music plays a big role in casino gambling. The background music is kept low and almost unnoticeable. It’s essentially easy-listening music during the daytime, and popular pop and rock numbers in the night hours. Players react accordingly when they hear familiar songs, the reason why land-based casinos get cover bands to play over the weekends. It’s not without any reason that Las Vegas is gambling $ 15 million on Britney Spears!

The key of C!

Slot machines are by far the most popular casino games that occupy maximum space in both off-line and online casinos. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the world record win at an online casino is to do with a slot machine! Their inclusion in casinos is for a very good reason – they are cheap to operate and gamblers love them as they give a chance to win huge jackpots!But how do you think such great number of slot machines, with all their whistles, bells and flashing lights, compete for players’ attention? A study carried out in Finland revealed that the key of C creates a pleasant sonic environment for players. The C chord was found instilling a feeling of nostalgia and happiness in the gamblers. That’s the reason you’d find majority of slot machines’ music programmed in this key.


Familiar sounds make gamblers grow fond of games

It’s not just the C chord that keeps the players involved, the sound of success also has a lot to do with it. You’d often hear triumphant sirens and whistles going off whenever someone wins a prize, regardless of how big or small it may be, just to draw other players’ attention.And while majority of the slot machine wins in land-based casinos are issued through vouchers, it hasn’t stopped manufacturers from creating slot machines with conventional metal coin trays that produce a distinctive noise of coins whenever something is won.Slots and casino games developers employ complicated tracking systems these days and maintain profiles of regular players too. They normally have data of how these players react to certain images and sounds.

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