Gold By Raema Malik Jewellery Collection 2013 For Ladies

Gold By Raema Malik Jewellery Collection 2013 For Women

Gold By Raema Malik Jewellery Collection 2013 For Ladies

For the information of the readers, Gold by Raema Malik Jewellery was created and founded in the year of 1985 and it is one of the oldest jewelry houses in Pakistan. Their main product lines are chokers, pendants, pearls and diamonds. Polki jewelry has also been offered and provided by this fashion house. if you want to check out their jewelry collections in detail then you may join their face book fan page, get their collections on you and let us know your feedback that have you liked their jewelry pieces or not! Yes, this hub is bringing more for you.

Few days back, Gold by Raema Malik jewellery collection 2013 for ladies have been launched and showcased. In this collection, you will be having necklace, earrings, bangles and rings. This collection can be worn up with formal dresses and outfits. Some of the pieces are having symmetrical patterns and some of the cuts and pieces are having abstract design patterns. Complex designs have been incorporated in this collection line because this collection has been designed for formal events. In some of jewelry pieces, only golden color has been installed or only single color scheme has been embedded. On the other hand, some of the pieces are having multiple color scheme like red, maroon, brown, grey, navy, fawn and beige. We are putting up some of the pictures of this jewelry collection line, check out them in detail and let us know your feedback. Gold by Raema Malik has a lot for you so stay connected with us!

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