Five Benefits of Meditation That Will Change Your Life


The best decision that I ever took in my life was taking up the meditation classes. It’s probably one of the decisions for which I got the most support as well. An old friend of mine, Charlotte, upon noticing my increasing discontent and unhappy state of mind decided to help me with it. She told me to join a guided meditation class. While I was entirely skeptical of the idea, I decided that I would give it a try and now here I am, gleefully writing about this wonderful experience and a number of things that I have learned because of meditation. Let me share with you the wonders and joys of doing regular meditation and yoga.


1. Better sleep
The first and foremost advantage of doing a lot of meditation is that you sleep better at night. Meditation allows us to relax our mind and open it up; it also helps us open all our chakras and be more present with our bodies. Our bodies handle a lot of stress every day without us ever knowing, and they have to bear this stress precisely because we are unaware of our bodies’ state. Meditation is a way of becoming aware of these various states of the body. When you become more aware, you would naturally become more and more relaxed and less stressed. On a hormonal level, it means fewer stress hormones would be released, and you’ll not suffer from anxiety. Therefore, you will enjoy better sleep at night.




2. You’ll be Happier
Another fantastic advantage of doing regular meditation is that you’ll start being happier. This is the prime reason why I started meditating in the first place. I always felt like I’m living a somewhat aimless life and I think a lot of people go through this state of crisis where they start questioning their purpose in life. By not appreciating the present moment which we are living, we fail to realize that we are meant to live this life not the fullest by understanding ourselves and aspects of life. It is only possible through careful and thoughtful meditation. With your answers, you will be able to find peace and joy. Therefore, I recommend that you take up the practice of meditation.



3. You’ll Get Rid Of Addictions
Meditation is a practice that is being taken up by many rehabs now. The prime reason for taking these steps is that the more people are aware of themselves and their surroundings, the more they are capable of handling adversaries. So basically, it can help you get out of a depressed state of mind. A lot of people consume drugs because they are upset or sad. If you regularly smoke cannabis or if you use marijuana in any other form, you are likely to be more depressed, especially those who smoke it in its pressed form. Meditation can be a cure for this problem. It can heal your depressive symptoms that cause the addiction in the first place.

4. You’ll lose weight
Let me tell you what plays a decisive role for us in losing weight. When we are upset and depressed, we tend to release these hormones that go by the name of cortisol. So when our body has a lot of cortisol in it, we can gather weight around our middle if we are high on cortisol. By releasing more endorphins, meditation can help us counter the effects of this stress quite effectively.
So you can be sure that even meditation itself is an exercise. However, if you wish to take it a level further, you can start doing yoga. Yoga is an effective way of doing meditation and exercise side by side. It teaches you how to be in the present moment while increasing your body’s flexibility and strength. Those of you who have fitness goal must add this to your routine; it is excellent for your health.



5. You’ll become more spiritual
Did you know that you can become more religious as a person if you start meditating? The secret lies in you attempting to connect with yourself. When you connect with yourself on a deeper level by being present, you connect with your higher person as well. That is when you are in resonance with the rest of the universe, and it is essential for you to be spiritually healthy if you want to be happy and prosperous in this life. Meditation provides with a doorway to the higher self.
A lot of people have started down the path of spirituality just by starting to meditate regularly. I suggest that if you want to understand and know yourself thoroughly, then you should meditate more often.
Although these are enough reasons to start meditating regularly, even if you are not convinced to suggest that you give it a shot. I am sure you will be able to notice the differences.

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