DIY Organizational Projects for the Winter


If your home is disorganized, then you can have a lot of stress because you can’t find things. Winter is an excellent time to get organized when you can’t leave your home during a blizzard, so you can plan an assortment of do-it-yourself projects to keep you busy.


Organizing Way 1: Purge Your Possessions First

Before you begin to make DIY projects for your home, you should purge your possessions first. Getting rid of excess clutter in your home makes it simpler to plan your organizational systems. Throw away clothing that no longer fits along with nonfunctional appliances or electronics.


Organizing Way 2: Use Plastic Baskets to Organize

The plastic baskets at discount stores are perfect for organizing your possessions in drawers, closets, and cabinets. You can also use attractive baskets on bookshelves or tables. Plastic baskets are the perfect choice for children’s rooms where they have an assortment of small toys such as action figures, blocks or small cars.


Organizing Way 3: Add Turntables to Cabinets

When small jars or bottles are falling out of your cabinets or closets, it is time to add turntables to the storage systems. A turntable has several shelves, and it spins around so that you can reach the items on each shelf easily. With a turntable, you are maximizing the space, and you are also making it easier to find what you need quickly when you are in a hurry.


Organizing Way 4: Build Bookshelves

If your home is cluttered with books, magazines, CDs or DVDs, then you need to build bookshelves. You can use sections of boards that are available at home improvement stores, and after staining or painting the items, you can put the boards together with simple items such as a screwdriver and screws. If the bookshelves are tall and narrow, then you can fasten the items to the walls to stabilize the devices.


Organizing Way 5: Pretty Storage Boxes

You can use plain cardboard boxes to organize your home, but you can make the items look attractive by covering the items with contact paper. Look for adhesive contact paper in a variety of colors or designs such as hot pink, floral or stripes. You will need scissors or a hobby knife to cut the adhesive to the correct size. Use a ruler to measure the size of the sides of the boxes, adding a small amount to wrap around the top edge of the box. These pretty DIY storage boxes look great in any room, and if one is damaged, then it is easy to make a new one.


Organizing Way 6: Pegboards for Tools

If you have a lot of tools in a garage or gadgets in a kitchen, then the installation of a pegboard on the wall can change your life. You can find sections of pegboards in hardware stores that you can cut to the correct size to install on the walls of a kitchen to hold hooks where you can hang skillets, cooking utensils and other items. In a garage, you can store hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches on the pegboards so that the items aren’t stored on the floors.


Organizing Way 7: Rent a Storage Unit

If you still have too many things inside your home, then finding storage units near me is vital. Finding climate-controlled storage units for sensitive items is essential so that your possessions aren’t exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Having a high-quality storage unit will also reduce the chances of having problems from pests such as insects or rodents, and you are also less likely to have mold or moisture condensation in your storage unit.


Maintain Your Home

You should take the time to organize your home again each month by getting rid of things and placing items in the correct storage system. With an organized home, you will feel less anxious when you are getting ready for your day.







Author: Paisley Hansen

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