DIY Accessories To Enhance Your Style



We all know accessories are important to the modern woman or men when they want to showcase their personality and attitude. Luckily, there’s a less expensive way to get a wardrobe of your dreams by choosing to create your own accessories at home. Many fashion conscious individuals are crafting bags and accessories to stand out in a crowd and you can too. Many people find that they love DIY so much, they even make a business of it! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to find out how to take advantage of your love of crafting for your wardrobe and beyond.

Five Cute Ideas For DIY Style

1. Look to Comfy Hats and Headbands

Knitting isn’t just for senior citizens anymore. Crafts such as crocheting and knitting can be beneficial for all ages. These activities are especially helpful when you’re experiencing stress and can be done on long commutes or even down-time as a stay at home parent.

Try to experiment with making headbands by following tutorials for stretchy styles that can keep your hair in place. When you feel comfortable, seek out ideas for caps and beanies to wear yourself or gift to your friends and family.

2. Try DIY Purses

A great bag doesn’t have to be designer. You can make a drawstring bag or satchel at home using an old t-shirt with a pattern you love. This is also a good way to recycle jeans by making pocket purses you can decorate at home and present as gifts to friends.

3. Make DIY Jewelry With The Whole Family

Beading can be an easy craft with your children as long as they’re not babies or toddlers. Many craft stores offer simple kits or you can find high quality beads for single strand jewelry. The more you work on it, the more rewarding your crafts can get. Consider accenting your crafts with natural products and items around the home for unique style. Who knows, you may find a new project! Look to a diverse beading kit for an easy fix.

4. Look to Upcycling Old Clothes

Perhaps you have a great polo shirt with a cute collar or a sweater with intricate beading. These accents can turn into fantastic accessories with no sewing needed! Try to keep your fabric scraps that are bigger than your palm and get creative. Look to the frills and details of beloved clothes before tossing them out to create an accessory all your own.

5. Get Looking At Unconventional Items Around The Home

Everyone has a junk drawer, it just depends on how you use it. Nails and screws can make DIY jewelry and paper clips can be bent to accent a cuff band or beaded easily at home. Look to organizing your junk drawer to see what items you have to work with. Simple buttons can create a great choker and random tools can be used to craft high-quality accessories involving metal and wire.

Try Out DIY For Your Accessories!

It’s easy and simple for your accessory collection to try creative crafts at home. You don’t need much besides a trip to the store or items around your house. Find a suitable solution for you and let your creativity fly!

Whether you’re making purses or jewelry, a DIY mindset saves you trips to the boutique to find a piece unlike the others. Grab your tools and get going! All you require is a special set of skills and a brain that likes to learn.

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