Best Short Hairstyles 2014 For Girls

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Best Short Hairstyles 2014 For Girls

If you are looking to have some best short hairstyles, then in this post, we will be sharing some of the top class short hairstyles, you can also check out the pictures too an try out these hairstyles at your home place!

·         You can have a hairstyle in the form of style that is little bit longer from front! From the back side, try to have shorter hairstyle!

·         You can also cut them in layers, till shoulders. We have seen that this layer sort of hairstyle is quite in demand these days.

·         Bob cut is another hairstyle. This will give you a funky and colorful look.

·         Step cutting hairstyle is also quite and rather common. For all the college going girls out there, you can try out this step cutting hairstyle is you are having short hairs!

·         Hair, flicked from front and straight from back till shoulders will also look adorable on you. This kind of hairstyle will give you a more promising look and will make your personality more tempting.

·         Chinese cut from front is also in nowadays common with regard to short hairstyles.

·         With the help of comb and hair pins, you can do back combing and make a small puff.

·         You can also come up with a puffy front leaving some hair out.

·         You can also twist them in a gentle way by using a large catcher.

On the whole, these are some of the short hairstyles for the year of 2014, let us know your rating too that which hairstyle you have liked the most! We will regularly keep you posted if we come across some more latest and up to date short hairstyles!

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