Beauty Tips For Monsoon

Just because the clouds are crying this monsoon, in no way are you entitled to look like a plain  Jane. You can play a lot with your look this season because of the monsoons have a lot to offer.  Minimalism is the keyword this season.


Make it a ritual to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin before applying makeup. It’s a safe choice  to use oil-based foundation during the monsoons

Never step out of the house without applying waterproof makeup products like waterproof makeup, waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner to avoid ugly smudgy eyes. Avoid wearing Kohl however, if you are a hardcore fan of kajal, L’Oreal Eye pencil is worth relying on during heavy showers as it smudge proof. Light green and cream eye shadow lined with a thin liner and two coats of mascara are for those sparkling eyes.

Creamy cheek tints of peach, apricot and light pink work naturally perfect this season. You can even blend gold tints with peach to reveal shiny porcelain cheeks.

Glosses are totally out this season as no one wants gooey lips. Semi matted lipsticks are the best option this season in colours of rose pink for the day and berry red for evening wear.

Oil your scalp every weekend with olive oil two hours before your hair wash. It is very important to keep your scalp clean and nourished. Never step out in the rain with oil in your hair, it can cause irritation and dandruff on the scalp. Wash your hair thrice a week during this season. It is best to keep your hair short to mid length for easy maintenance. Black hair colour is blazing hot this season.

Be smart and say no to leather. Stay miles away from white and light coloured clothes. After all you don’t want to look like a wannabe bollywood starlet. Bright reds, oranges, greens and yellows are ‘in’ colours this season. Denims are a total no-no.Capris, short skirts, knee length bermudas is what you want to get caught with. Transparent raincoats and stylish umbrellas are a strict dress code for the rainy days.

Rubber slippers embellished with funky designs and colours like orange, dark blue and red work great this season. Say no to leather, canvas and cloth this season. Rexene made shoes is the best alternative for funky monsoon footwear.

Gigantic bags in various bizarre shapes, sizes and colours are appropriate this monsoon. Only bright coloured bags works right with the gray monsoon.

Minimal Jewellery is the best option this season. Stay away from anklets and leather wristbands. Steel watches and wristbands are hot this season.

With all the style advice given to you for this season, are you geared up to beat the rains?

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