9 Expert Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Hair


A wedding is one of the most memorable days in anyone’s life and this goes without saying that they will want to make it perfect.

Do you remember the wedding binder that Monica Geller had prepared meticulously over the years in the famous American sitcom “Friends”!

This shows how massive planning goes into the organisation of the perfect wedding! But apart from the event, you also have to take care of your look as a bride on your big day!

Now, among the various things that you need to take into account, your beautiful mane is what tops the list. Thanks to the internet and Pinterest, finding the perfect wedding hairstyle is just a cakewalk now.

But there are a lot of things that go into ensuring that you have the right hair condition for donning the perfect hairstyle and look your best. Here are certain tips that will help you get the perfect wedding day hair.

You can go for a half-braided hairstyle, wear it down in soft waves or go for a tight updo. There are endless options that you can try. But you should take a deep breath before finalising the style. For the perfect hair as well as hairdo, consider the below tips.

  • Consider Your Dress – Remember that your hair should be able to complement the dress that you are going to wear and not compete with it. You can go for a dramatic hairstyle if your dress is a simple one. If there is a gorgeous open back design, choose a braid or side-ponytail. Again, if there are extravagant embellishments on the dress you should consider an elegant updo.
  • Take the Weather into Account – If the wedding is taking place indoors or in a cool climate, the beautiful cascading curls will look great. But if the climate is humid and hot you must consider an updo. This way you do not have to worry about your curls falling out or frizzy hair sticking to the back.
  • Keep the Colour and Cuts on a Good Schedule – If you are a kind of person who likes a fresh trim, ensure that you schedule an appointment about 2.5 weeks prior to the big day. This will leave sufficient time for growing back. When it comes to colour, it is vital to keep up with the routine. You may have a little more time, if you are doing highlights and you can touch up the colour about 2-3 weeks before. You should always give yourself a little room for trial and error in his case so that the new shade can set in and your hair looks natural on the big day.
  • Decide – Veil or No Veil – The veils are capable of smashing the hairy updos. So a low bun which is a sturdy hairstyle will be better under such circumstances. Therefore, you must decide whether you are wearing a veil or not on your big day.
  • Keep the Hair Clean as Much as Possible – To remove the product accumulation and the oil build-up you should just use a clarifying shampoo. You must use a quality shampoo that will be effective without being harsh on the hair. You should also use it a couple of days before the event.
  • Consider the Length, Volume and Texture of the Hair – Though you can prefer the Pinterest style, but you have to take into account the fact that whether your hair is long or thick enough to pull off the style or not. In case the hair is really short, the hair extensions can help you achieve the hairstyle of you dreams. The texture of the hair is also important as on the basis of that you will know what accessories to use.
  • Don’t Use Any Conditioner, Leave-ins or Oils – No matter how limp, tangled or frizzy your hair is and no matter how tempted you feel to switch to oil conditioner or deep conditioner or opt for leave-in treatments, you should stay away from them on the wedding day. For holding the styles, the second day hair is the best. So to get the desired results you can use products about a couple of days before the wedding.
  • Removable Hair Extensions Are Your Buddy – You can get real or fake hair extensions in this case. You can purchase the extensions in your colour or else you can dye the extensions. If you have tried to recreate celebrity looks you may already know the significance of hair extensions. They offer fullness and assist your hair photographer as well. They are super easy to put in with clips and they blend well with hair sprays. But do not try them prior to knowing whether they will suit you or not.
  • Do a Trial Run – Once you have decided on the hair style that you prefer, you must go for a trial run with hairstylist. It is only through the trial that you get to know about the “Oh Nos” of the style. Will the style that you have chosen go well with the length and volume of the hair? Will the style go with your face shape or hair texture? It is always better to address and take care of these last-minute changes ahead of time instead of stressing on the week or day before the wedding.

The above are some tips that you should keep in mind in order to flaunt your beautiful mane with élan on your big day. These are suggested by the experts of reputed event management company who have been in the industry since a long time and know exactly what works and what does not as far as your wedding day look is concerned.

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