7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Looking Young and Healthy


As people age, their hair tends to grow thinner, grayer, finer, and dry enough to an extent it can spark a brush fire. The scalp also produces less natural oil that is responsible for maintaining the hair moisture. Likewise, hair follicles tend to produce less melanin as a person ages, resulting in gray hair. Average people notice their gray hair in their 30s while others in their 40s. Luckily, the following healthy hair growth tips and tricks can help anyone naturally maintain their hair’s youthful appearance.

Change Your Styling Habits

Women tend to change their hairstyling as they age, damaging and disrupting the cuticles and make their hair more prone to breakage and look dull. Over-washing the hair is another frequent mistake that people make, as this can contribute to dryness and strip the oils from the hair. Similarly, continued use of hair extensions can put traction to the hair follicles and result in poor hair growth.

Protect the Hair Against Sun Damage

People often think of their skin when they hear about sun damage. While the sun can damage the skin, it can also make the hair age faster and damage it. Exposing the hair to harmful ultraviolet rays can damage the proteins in the hair, weaken it, and make it more prone to breakage. However, that can be avoided by wearing a sun hat that can protect the scalp, skin, and hair from harmful UV rays.

Try Vitamin Supplements

You can try vitamin supplements that are necessary for healthy and young hair. The hair tends to become thinner and weaker than before due to lack of enough vitamins. However, recent studies have found that people can supplement with various hair vitamins to increase their hair thickness and volume. These vitamins work well for people with temporary hair thinning. You can consider adding plenty of hair vitamin-rich food in your diet or take a vitamin supplement such as raspberries, eggs, peanut butter, and cheese.

Parting the Hair Differently

One of the places women can spot thinning in their hair is in their part. Experts recommend zigzag style over the straight line to help women camouflage widening part. It helps create volume and mask thinning throughout the hairstyle of a lady.

Use the Best Hair Care Products

Niacinamide, Panthenol, and caffeine include some of the best ingredients that women can leverage to counteract the signs of scalp and hair aging. However, many other products aid in thickening hairlines on the market. Some of these cosmetics add volume to the thickening of an individual’s hairline and strands and don’t make them look stiff or sticky.

A Healthy Diet

Though this may seem unrelated, the type of food that a person eats and don’t eat contributes a lot to the health of their hair as they age. Certain hair super-foods can help improve the length and strands of your hair and make it thicken and shine than before. For example, dark green vegetables are loaded with both vitamins C and A, salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, and nuts are a terrific source of zinc. Of course, people need a lot of protein as they age for the health of their hair.

Stay Hydrated

While this may seem like an old-school trick, staying hydrated in the summer can help maintain your hair at its best look and health. Your skin and hair are likely to dry out when a person doesn’t drink enough water. Dehydration can also slow down the process of the growth of new hair. You can use fingers or a scalp massager to distribute the natural oils and stimulate the hair follicles to make the hair look youthful and glossy than before. People that have tried all of the above tricks and their skin and hair remain unhealthy and old should not fret. Instead, they should try new hairstyles and cuts to take years off their face.

Article by Paisley Hansen

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