7 Borderline Genius Makeup Tips Who Wears Glasses



Makeup is essential for every woman. It makes you look beautiful and enhances your features. It has transformed the lives of many people. Makeup develops confidence in people. When they feel that they look beautiful, then they do every work with satisfaction and ease. It has also helped the brands to show off their products to the people so that they get to know what they are buying. A slight trouble is seen in applying makeup by the ones who wear glasses but not to worry. Following are the seven borderline genius makeup tips for those who wear glasses:


1- Makeup glasses

If you have weak eyesight and have a problem in seeing the objects clearly, then you wear glasses. It means that you may even face trouble in applying makeup to your eyes. In such circumstances, the best option for which you should go is the makeup glasses. They have magnifying lens. Their magnification power is 2.5 xs and can easily be flipped from one eye to the other. It is how it will help you in applying eyeliner, mascara or shadow.


2- Mascara

If you wear glasses, then you should not use the normal mascara that curls your lashes and makes them look long as the lashes can then touch your frame and can make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, you should use enhancer. It will make you look beautiful and will thicken your eyelashes. Along with that as eyes are the most sensitive part of our body, therefore, you should be very careful with the quality of the product that you are using. The best mascara for sensitive eyes of 2017 can help you find one for yourself easily and at a reasonable price.


3- Brushes

There are different brushes for different purposes in makeup. If you wear glasses, then you must use traveling brush kites they are small in size, easy to handle and you can apply makeup with them as you can get closer to the mirror.


4- Use of concealer

Wearing glasses can usually cast a shadow under the eyes. For this purpose, you should use yellow concealer and should blend it nicely.


5- Eyeliner

You can use different colour eyeliner and can even match them with your frames. It will not only make you look fresh and trendy but will also enhance your look.


6- Eyeshadow

If you wear glasses, then there are different types of makeup styles for you. You can do the smokey makeover. It will stand out with your frames and will make you look trendy and beautiful. Best hypoallergenic eye makeup brands of 2017 can help you in finding the good quality product for yourself.


7- Lip colour

You should apply bold colour lipstick. You can wear any according to your mood and wear it with pride. Lip colour not only adds beauty to your looks but also makes you look fresh and gorgeous.


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