6 Reliable Marketing Plan for Fashion Show


There is no shortage of creative talent at fashion schools and fashion shows are one of the most effective yet challenging ways for a fashion brand to earn the interest of its target audience.

Today’s customers and the fashion customers are, however, quite demanding and they are not impressed by ordinary. They rather want a lifestyle, a story and an emotion rather than just a piece of apparel. They want something grander and bigger.

That is why, the fashion shows must be the manifestation of that sentiment. The event organisers must be creative and should try to imbibe into it both innovation and the fashion sense. And the most crucial part is that they should also device a functional marketing strategy.

Here are some of the most reliable ways for marketing your business. Just take a look.

  • Identify the Target Audience – You should identify the target audience and try to appeal to them through your show. You should know the demographic stats like their educational level, age, ethnicity and income level. You should also know the psychographic information like their hobbies, the kind of stories they interact with and the forms of media that they enjoy. This info can assist you to know which information vehicles you should use. For example, if you are targeting the audience between 18-24 years, you should use the digital media to market your fashion as they spend most part of their time there. Therefore, advertising through the social media or digital publications are more likely to reach your audience than the print newspapers.
  • Keep it Appealing and Relevant. Nowadays, you can go ahead and throw your logo at everything to make it eye-pleasing. There is zero tolerance today about illogical placement of product and audiences do not take it well. For example, Red Bull involved parachutes to advertise about their brand. Similarly, you can include aerial artists for your fashion show for promoting your brand. That will be something new and cool and without fail it will be able to entice your audience.
  • Determine the Marketing Mix – You must choose the marketing tactics that you want for promoting your fashion show. Your marketing mix should help you to achieve the marketing goals. It is targeted and focussed. This will enhance your brand awareness and encourage more RSVPs for the fashion show. Even for the invite-only fashion shows, marketing is important though it will be focussed on specific individuals. The direct mailing, the email marketing, direct social media marketing and phone calls can all be used for invite-only fashion shows. Even if it is invite-only, you should promote the event to the press and members of the broader target audience for making people talk about the brand.
  • Recruit the Right Ambassadors – If you are organising a big fashion show, then make it a point to align yourself with a bigger superstar. Bigger does not always mean better. You can get into the superstar mentality and make the wrong choice. This way your event will be talked about but all for the wrong reasons. You should target the brand with the right attachment to the message of the brand. Irrespective of whether it is a popular boldface or not, you should target the people with the right attachment to the brand’s message if you want to really impress your audience.
  • Market the Company on the Big Day – You should host a press conference on the day of the show for the added exposure of your fashion show. You should invite the members of the local press, local fashion bloggers and journalists for attending a short question and answer session. You should also give them the press passes. You can also invite local college students who are interested in fashion or journalism. You can promote your website and social media handle and make your audience aware about where they can purchase the apparels later on. You should encourage the attendees to take pictures of the show and share them on social media after tagging your brand. You should collect the email addresses for everyone who wants to attend the show in order to follow up with them after the show.
  • Trust Your Team – You should entrust your team with responsibilities as there are very minute details that you should take care of. So let the learned people of your team handle them. You should take each decision by its potential worth and then keep the yourself focussed on bigger achievements.

Apart from the above you should also ensure you make intelligent decision like going for furniture and chair hire, arrange affordable yet tasty light snacks and sort other nitty-gritties by keeping both the audience and your budget in mind. So that you can get the right decor and food and your attendees can remember the fashion show for all the right reasons for days to come.

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