6 beauty hacks for your wedding day


The wedding day is the most important day of every woman’s life. For which she wants everything to be perfect. In such circumstances when we talk about makeup which has so much value then everyone is very careful about it and then when the wedding day in the discussion comes then we have to be even more careful regarding the makeup and the products to be used.

It is the biggest day of every girl’s life therefore on this day you should look different and gorgeous at the same time. Though people mostly hire professional makeup artists for their big day even then, you are not sure about the quality of the products that they use. Therefore you must take your products along, and if you have sensitive skin, then this becomes a must. Hacks are used everywhere in current times. Following are the six beauty hacks for your wedding day:


1- Apply primer before any other product.

Primer is considered to be one of the most basic makeup products but is still neglected by many people. It acts as a barrier between the chemicals of the makeup products and the skin. Along with that it refines the face to the foundation and makes the skin look gorgeous and flawless. It’s another significant advantage is that if it is sprayed at the end, and then it helps the makeup to last long.


2- Use the compact powder to seal the makeup.

It is easy to carry and locks in the makeup. But before buying it, you should choose its shade wisely as it should match your skin tone because both the tones that are either lighter or darker than your skin can destroy your whole look.

3- Use your foundation.

Not every foundation can be applied to all skin types. You must keep the one along on your wedding day and should use it only. Foundation is not only used to brighten up the skin complexion but also hides dark spots and acne. Therefore you must not risk it and should use your foundation only on your wedding day.

4- Use of the blush on.

It is another important makeup product that can be used for all skin types. It is skin friendly and helps to achieve a brighter skin tone.

5- Selection of proper Lip colour

It is the most common makeup item which is used by almost everyone. For your wedding day, you should keep your favourite shade along with you as if you apply it you will be more relaxed and comfortable.

6- Eye makeover should be done properly.

Wedding makeover is incomplete without the eyeshade. You can try different types of eye makeover on your eyes before your wedding to achieve the best look for your biggest day.

Don’t forget to choose a stylish wedding dress and a unique venue. Also here is the link of amazing wedding invitation ideas.


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