4 of the Hottest Accessories for 2019


If you are looking to spice up your style for 2019, you need some rocking pieces to totally deck out your capsule wardrobe. Hats, earrings, purses and shoes completely change the look of your outfit. You can add pops of color or patterns that totally express your personality. Throwing a new shawl onto a dress can take your work look to a fabulous new outfit for a night on the town with one simple change.

2019 has a variety of hot trends that are sweeping the fashion world. While many of your basic outfits remain the same, 2019’s accessories add a whole new flair to traditional looks. Whether you have a tomboyish sense of style or you wear a more chic style, the hottest accessories of 2019 will help you find your fashion sense this season—and maybe even for the long-haul.

Item #1: Earrings

Long drop earrings are the latest addition to the accessory world. These can be anything from chains to beautiful crystal chandeliers.

Bejeweled hoop earrings are also very big this year. Medium size hoops are the most popular. These allow you to have a lovely pop of color while remaining modest—and if you have a toddler, safe.

The comeback of pearls has also been big in the last few years. Pearls have a reputation of being your grandma‘s jewelry, but they are classic and go so wonderfully with so many different outfits. That’s why modern pearls are on the rise. Lining pearls along hoop earrings or choosing the more oblong shaped pearls has been a big seller in 2019.

Item #2: Sculptural Heels

High heels have always been in Vogue. That’s nothing new. However, shoes that are a work of art are on the rise. I’m not talking in about a fine set of stilettos that make your legs look fabulous, but I’m talking about a game changer shoe.

Sculptural heels are like wearing modern art on your feet. These feature unusual shapes and placement of the heel to give you optimal height, balance, and less pain in your feet.

The sculptural heel itself can take on a variety of different shapes and colors making it a fabulous abstract accessory. The unusual pattern helps Gucci handbags and other purses pop out as unique items in themselves.

Item #3: Gucci

Anything and everything Gucci. Gucci carries a line of high-quality accessories which are designed to last. Gucci is a name that is known for its quality, but the reason this brand is so sustainable as a fashion brand is because their designs are iconic. They create a variety of simple and elegant pieces that express several different types of personalities based strictly on how you pair them. Gucci is most famous for their bags, but they also create wonderful high heels and sunglasses and scarves which can bring a dime store outfit to a whole new level.

The key to buying Gucci is to recognize that you don’t need to own 20,000 pieces. A scarf here, a pair of shoes there and you’ve got a killer statement outfit.

Item #4: Purple Feet

Last but not least, purple feet. Last year in London, red shoes were where it was at. 2019 seems to be sporting the color of royalty. This can manifest in everything: boots, heels, tennis shoes or flats. It doesn’t matter, so long as your feet are purple,they are in style. Bonus if you find a pair of sculptural heels that are purple.


Overall, the fashion accessories of 2019 are on par with those of other decades as well. While the trends change according to the fashion industry development, the four pieces mentioned in this article are ones that can be made permanent pieces in a stable wardrobe that will carry on for many seasons to come. You’ll just need to learn new pairings as time moves forward.

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