4 Delusions about Water

Thinking of the basic necessities, water breaches at the top in the list along with the air we breathe. It’s like a wonder fluid which when enters your body can do magic to skin and countless diseases. But, if we pay heed to what experts have to say then, water does nothing much for us.

Delusion 1

Bottled Water is better & safer than tap water

Well, we all are well versed with the fact of hygiene and health. Many of us guide our minds in a way to think that bottled water is highly distilled and safe where as tap water has impurities which are unfit for us. But let’s just secure this fact that bottled water when packed since long time can cause alarming loss to us. Reaction between plastic and chemically treated water can prove hazardous.

Delusion 2

Drink 7 to 8 glasses of Water daily

According to the latest statements from the scientists, there is no such epic relation between water and health. They state there is no need to gulp in tonnes of water, sip in water only when thirsty.

Delusion 3

Water in, Good Skin Out

Many of us believe that drinking lots of water helps in washing away the harmful toxins from our body. Hence leading to a healthy looking, glowing skin. But according to scientists, this is not true as our body already constitutes of 60 percent water. So drinking little extra can do no wonders.

Delusion 4

Workout causes Dehydration

It is believed that during work out, body tends to dehydrate and so we must intake as much water as we can during work outs. But according to the defined parameters dehydration occurs only when we loose water which is equal to 2 % of the total body weight.


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