18 Shake Alternatives


As you may read in the review on weightlosstop.com, 18 Shake contains only organic components. The formula of this shake provides the best combination of ingredients for the better weight loss results. The shake shows great values in all essential ingredients such as sugar, fat, protein and fiber. Sugar comes from the natural sweetener called stevia and its amount in one serving does not exceed 1 gram. Protein of this meal replacement consists of two protein sources. The first one is whey protein isolate that provides all the necessary amino acids. The second one is whey protein concentrate that supplies more fats, lactose and carbohydrates. As a result, the users obtain 15 grams of top quality protein.

Due to well-balanced caloric content (90), 18 Shake shows great efficiency in hunger suppression. However, it is not the only advantage of the shake appreciated by the consumers. Since the product contains no artificial sweeteners or other synthetic ingredients, you will unlikely experience any side effects. To sum up, 18 Shake is an effective safe product with great chocolate taste that costs around $50. This probably the best solution in the market of 2017.

However, if for some reason you need to find an alternative to this meal replacement, look at the following list of its competitors.

YES Shake

This product designed by Yoli is free of any synthetic components or cheap additives. The main feature of YES Shake is PuraWhey. This is a protein blend on the basis of whey protein source. Each serving of this meal replacement supplies 12 grams of top-class protein.

The energy value of the shake is 80 calories. The content of sugar is 2 grams making this diet shake a great solution for both losing weight and building muscles. The users differ in opinion about YES Shake, while some consumers are dissatisfied with taste and performance, while the others claim great effects of using the shake. Nevertheless, the majority of negative feedbacks is associated with the overestimated price of the product. A month supply costs $80.


Shakeology is an effective meal replacement that is made of around 70 components. Despite the enormous price of the shake ($130), the ingredients can be called unique or super qualitative. The product offers 130 calories for effective appetite suppression. The protein of Shakeology comes from five plant protein sources and one whey protein. The overall quality of protein is not bad.

The major trouble of Shakeology is high content of sugar. This fact reduces the performance of the shake for weight management purpose. However, the users are satisfied with appetite suppression efficiency and complain about too high price.

IsaLean Shake

This MR product by Isagenix is free of artificial sweeteners and soy. IsaLean contains around 30 ingredients. The protein consists of casein and whey protein sources. Such blend results in unthinkable 24 grams of protein in each serving.

Besides, the content of calories and sugar is also huge. Each serving of IsaLean Shake is filled with 240 calories 11 grams of sugar. These values are not favorable for losing weight but useful for appetite suppression.


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