10 Essential Rules of International Dating



Globalization nowadays conquers the planet and international couples aren’t a rare thing. People from different countries realize cross-cultural dating opens new perspectives for love life enhancement. Yet this kind of searching an ideal partner can have certain pitfalls. Meet the top 10 tips on how to run it smoothly!

1. Know what you want.
Certainly, you can register at some dating site and let the things run their own course. Yet I recommend you drawing up a plan. Say, you wish to find a Russian woman for marriage – it is not enough. Think of what person you would like to spend your life with and analyze your past experiences.

2. Choose a trustworthy online dating service.
The Internet has never been the safest place so one of the core things you should do is to protect yourself. Pick a site that provides access to verified users only and learn their privacy policy prior to registering. And, of course, keep the safety rules in mind.

3. Search carefully.
You already know how important setting the right criteria is. Spend more time but find a woman whose profile indeed evokes your curiosity. Don’t restrict your circle of choices to one candidate – let there be 5-10 of them for the beginning. Read all the profiles to get the basic information about each boy or girl.

4. Have realistic expectations.
Regardless of how enchanting online interaction is, it is necessary to stay sober. The lower your expectations are, the more pleasure you will receive from communication and real meetings (if you’ve chosen the right partner, of course). Falling in love via the Internet is easy but you should make sure this person truly fits you.

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5. Maintain etiquette.
Flirting is one of the key components of successful online dating. Greetings, compliments, follow-up questions, and polite phrases are essential for winning a lady’s heart. Don’t use clichéd pickup lines and be inventive if you wish to impress her!

6. Do not get attached to photos.
Those may be overwhelmingly seductive but keep your feet on the ground till you have live video chats and meet in real life. It is even not about her being extremely photogenic, no; it is rather about getting the real impression. You can fully estimate someone only when you see this person in dynamics.

7. Remember about mentality gaps.
Cultures differ from one another all around the globe and it is awesome! However, online users often fail to understand their new peers especially because they communicate via text messages. Don’t miss this and become aware of the basic peculiarities of foreign cultures. This, in particular, helps you decide if you really need to seek a lover abroad.

8. Study her culture.
When you meet someone great, one of the ways to build the connection is to get keen not only on this person yet on her native traditions, customs, and way of thinking as well. In your turn, share facts about your mother culture since your prospective partner will likely be eager to know more!

9. Use various means of communication.
Let’s say it again: text messages are not enough to create the mutual bond between lovers-to- be. Add video conversations and phone calls to get closer to each other. Besides, this helps you to distinguish real singles from scammers in some cases.

10. Understand the degree of responsibility.
You see, international couples face certain difficulties. First of all, both of you should be ready to manage a long-distance relationship – it is not so easy. Second, you should put more time and effort to become a proper couple. Third, your acquaintance is yet to be tested out in terms of compatibility.



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